Buying Guide: Outdoor Umbrella for Your Patio

Your patio is a great place to spend your time in for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor scenery. But it can be hot in the summer time, making you rather stay inside. If you’re a sun worshipper but loathe the heat wave of the summer, an outdoor umbrella for your patio is the best solution for that. You can therefore invest in outdoor umbrellas Melbourne has today that are specially designed for patio use. But it is not just against the sun and heat that an outdoor umbrella can protect you from, it is also a great protection from the rain.

If you thought that buying outdoor umbrellas was simple and straightforward, think again.

Size of the Umbrella

If you want to buy an outdoor umbrella to provide shade and protection from sun or rain, it has to be the appropriate size. The size of the umbrella will determine the size area of the patio that it will cover. You might be tempted to go for an oversized umbrella to make sure that the entire patio is covered. However, buying outdoor umbrellas in Melbourne that are too big is not recommended because it can overpower your patio and lose its aesthetic appeal.

Experts recommend that you measure the area of the patio that you want the umbrella to cover. You can find outdoor umbrellas Melbourne has today that range from 4 to 11 feet in size. There are even manufacturers that can make outdoor umbrellas up to 13 feet in size. Hence, you should use the area measurement as a basis to match the right umbrella size.

Height of the Umbrella

Just as important as the umbrella size when you shop for Melbourne outdoor umbrellas is the height of the pole. The height will also increase the coverage of the umbrella; hence, this is something to consider when you do your comparison shopping. The ideal height of the umbrella should be tall enough so that adults can stand underneath it without having to crouch.

However, it should never be too tall that the rays from the sun or the heat penetrates into the space it is supposed to cover. According to experts, the ideal height is between 7 and 8 inches (because it is higher than the average human height). read more

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How to Keep Your Outdoor Plants Healthy

The addition of plants greatly improves your living space. In fact, plants are a popular form of ornament for indoor décor. Outdoor plants can also do the same. You can add them in your garden or in your patio; either way, it will add to the aesthetic value and makes your living space cozier too. Before you invest in outdoor plants Brisbane has today on sale, you need to know how to give it proper care. Learn About the Plant The one thing that a lot of people fail to understand about caring for Brisbane outdoor plants is that not all plants are the same. Each requires a different approach when caring for them. Some plants require more attention while others can survive by simply watering them once a day. Before you invest in outdoor plants in Brisbane, make sure you take the time to learn these differences so you can take good care of each plant, not just a few. If you think that growing plants in your garden or patio is simple, wait until you start growing some of them. The more you know about each plant’s preferences, the better able you can provide care for them. Guidelines for Outdoor Plant Care Before you find outdoor plants Brisbane has to offer, you need to take note of these guidelines in giving proper plant care: Sunlight: Sunlight is one of the most important things that a plant needs to survive. Make sure you position your plants in an outdoor space that would ensure they get an adequate amount of sunlight each day. Again, different types of plants react to sunlight exposure differently. Some plants thrive the longer they are under the sun while others require only minimal sunlight. Hence, you need to know the preferences so you can plan how to position these plants in your garden. Soil: Soil selection is another valuable element in house planting, particularly when caring for outdoor plants Brisbane has to offer. The type of soil you use will determine the amount of nutrients and water that a plant gets. In fact, the soil is the primary factor that will determine the overall health of the plant. Make sure you put your plants in a draining pot so as to drain away any excess water and to ensure that the plants get the right amount of nutrients it deserves. Water: As mentioned above, you need to be extra careful when watering your plants. Some plants can get damaged when you put too much water in them while others need as much water as they can get. If you are not sure about exactly how much water each plant needs, you can water the plant to a point wherein the soil is moist. Do not over-saturate each pot with water. Size of the Pot: Finally, you need to know how big the plant grows. This will allow you to find the right size of pot to put them in. Make sure that you give enough space for the root growth. This should not be an issue if you are going to plant them directly on the ground. But if you intend to place them outdoor plants Brisbane has to offer in a pot, you have to choose a pot that is big enough!
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