Buying Guide: Outdoor Umbrella for Your Patio

Your patio is a great place to spend your time in for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor scenery. But it can be hot in the summer time, making you rather stay inside. If you’re a sun worshipper but loathe the heat wave of the summer, an outdoor umbrella for your patio is the best solution for that. You can therefore invest in outdoor umbrellas Melbourne has today that are specially designed for patio use. But it is not just against the sun and heat that an outdoor umbrella can protect you from, it is also a great protection from the rain.


If you thought that buying outdoor umbrellas was simple and straightforward, think again.

Size of the Umbrella

If you want to buy an outdoor umbrella to provide shade and protection from sun or rain, it has to be the appropriate size. The size of the umbrella will determine the size area of the patio that it will cover. You might be tempted to go for an oversized umbrella to make sure that the entire patio is covered. However, buying outdoor umbrellas in Melbourne that are too big is not recommended because it can overpower your patio and lose its aesthetic appeal.

Experts recommend that you measure the area of the patio that you want the umbrella to cover. You can find outdoor umbrellas Melbourne has today that range from 4 to 11 feet in size. There are even manufacturers that can make outdoor umbrellas up to 13 feet in size. Hence, you should use the area measurement as a basis to match the right umbrella size.

Height of the Umbrella

Just as important as the umbrella size when you shop for Melbourne outdoor umbrellas is the height of the pole. The height will also increase the coverage of the umbrella; hence, this is something to consider when you do your comparison shopping. The ideal height of the umbrella should be tall enough so that adults can stand underneath it without having to crouch.

However, it should never be too tall that the rays from the sun or the heat penetrates into the space it is supposed to cover. According to experts, the ideal height is between 7 and 8 inches (because it is higher than the average human height).

Type of Fabric

It might be tempting to pick outdoor umbrellas Melbourne has today based on the aesthetic pattern on the umbrella. However, that should only come secondary to the fabric used for the umbrella. Breathable fabrics are often used for sports canopies. This is also the best option for outdoor umbrellas used in the summer time. The fabric enables vapor to pass through the fabric to create a cooling effect to what is under the shade.

Meanwhile, there are also newer models of outdoor umbrellas made with UV-resistant fabric. These not only provide shade from the heat but also protect against the harmful rays of the sun.