Nerf Gun Party Ideas That You Need to Try Now


It is amazing how a toy gun that shoots darts and balls can be so much fun! Nerf guns have gained popularity in the past decade and are still relevant in the toy scene. These toy guns are manufactured by Hasbro: a toy giant that is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. A lot of parents approve it because they are deemed safe by the United States’ mandatory toy standards. It is a great toy in the sense that it draws children and adults alike to physical activities that everybody lacks these days. This article will give you fun ideas wherein you can enjoy your nerf guns even more!

The equipment

These games are pretty cost efficient because they don’t really require a lot of materials. What you basically need are nerf guns and some stuff that you already have in your house. You can buy nerf guns online and you can choose from the variety that they offer. When you buy nerf guns, make sure to consider specifications that you like. If you like power you can go with the Nerf Demolisher. If you are a dual wielder you can go with the Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red. Basically, choose whatever you want as long as it fits you!

The games

Capture the flag

If you are a man child and has played Quake in your younger years then you know how this game works. The main goal of this game is to capture the flag of the opponent team. The rules can vary including the number of darts that will take to eliminate the player and the number of team members.

Lego shooting gallery

This game is like the conventional one but instead of boring figures you are using Legos. Each Lego figure has a corresponding score. The highest scorer at a maximum of five shots gets to win the price.

Spinning paper plate targets

You just need two things for this game: nerf guns and a plate designed like a dart target. Well, the concept is pretty easy: the plate is suspended so that it can spin. Every spot in the plate has a corresponding score. The level of difficulty is raised by spinning the plate faster and faster. The player with the most points wins. This game is a very good party game. It gets better if everyone is a little intoxicated with a little alcohol!

The classic nerf gun shootout

This game is a team game. The number of members per team and the number of teams can vary. The team with the most number of members standing is the winner. Since it is a shootout, expect that this game will be a beautiful chaos. There will be camps: each team will attack the enemy’s camp and eliminate all the players.

It is amazing how a nerf gun can turn a simple birthday party into a very rad one. It is also a good physical and social activity that will make your friendship bonds even stronger. These games are also good team building ideas for companies that wish to improve their employees’ relationships.